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One day, the evening news showed a report dealing with the terrifying living conditions of Tanzanian albinos. Suddenly, something just clicked in me.


I knew my reality but ignored that of people suffering from albinism in other countries. This predicament is difficult to handle simply because you were born different.


After seeing this report, I thought to myself “enough, this nonsense must stop right away” .


The next question came to me: “what exactly is the human norm?” After some reflexion, I concluded that there actually was no norm, that men differ from each other on certain criteria and resemble each other on others. We share one common characteristic, we are all human beings.

Difference is you and me, resemblance is you and me.

The International Non-Profit-Making Organisation “ECRAN TOTAL” arose from these very circumstances.


June 2010, Philippe Kengne, Arlette Mokto and Awa Ahmed decided upon joining my cause in order to become ambassadors of tolerance, of open-mindedness, or just peace.


Handicap is not so much a burden which you bear with you or within you, it is the pressure that the outside world exerts upon the handicapped.


The handicapped are people capable of accomplishing beautiful things like anybody else.


Information, social and professional integration allow any person dealing with a handicap to be fully prepared to confront adversity and to get over it with the feeling of being just like anyone else: with the same dreams and the same opportunities.